teaching and supervision

TU Wien :school:

  • 193.052 Scientific Research and Writing (Spring 2022), TU Wien, Austria
  • 192.124 Symmetric Cryptography (Autumn 2021), TU Wien, Austria

Previously taught :pencil:

  • Advanced Topics in Cryptology (Spring 2020), DTU, Denmark
  • Practical Cryptology (Autumn 2019), DTU, Denmark
  • Advanced Methods in Cryptography, Provable security (2009 - 2018), KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Applications of Authenticated Encryption (2018) ECRYPT-NET School on Integrating Advanced Cryptography with Applications, Kos, Greece
  • Introduction to Cryptography (2016), Habib University
  • Hash Functions: Provable Security and SHA-3 Results and The CAESAR AE Cryptographic Competition (2015), CryptoBG Summer School, Oriahovitza, Bulgaria
  • Security Aspects of Authenticated Encryption (2014), Summer School on Design and Security of Cryptographic Algorithms and Devices for Real-World Applications, Shibenik, Croatia
  • Symmetric Cryptography (2012), University of Cheikh Anta Diop
  • Hash Functions (2012), University of Oulu
  • Theoretical Aspects of Hash Function Security, ECRYPT Summer School on Design and Security of Cryptographic Algorithms and Devices, Albena, Bulgaria, 2011
  • Herding and Generic Hash Function Attacks, ECRYPT Summer School on Hash^3: Proofs, Analysis, and Implementation, Tenerife, Spain, 2009
  • Hash Functions: Past, Present and Future, International Symposium on Recent Developments in Cryptography and Information Security, Oriahovitza, Bulgaria, 2008

PhD students :mortar_board:

  • supervisor of: Stefano Trevisani (2023 - ongoing) and Andreas Weninger (2021 - ongoing), TU Wien, Austria
  • co-supervisor (with prof. Bart Preneel) of: Amit Singh Bhati (2020 - ongoing), KU Leuven, Belgium
  • assessor of: Erik Pohle, KU Leuven, Belgium, (2021 - ongoing)
  • assessor of: Atul Luykx, The Design and Analysis of Message Authentication and Authenticated Encryption Schemes, KU Leuven, Belgium, 2016
  • external PhD committee member for: Mayank Raikwar, Cryptography for Innovative Blockchain Services, NTNU, Norway, 2022
  • external PhD committee member for: Ahto Truu, Hash-Based Server-Assisted Digital Signature Solutions, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, 2020
  • external PhD committee member for: Louiza Khati, Full Disk Encryption and Beyond, ENS, Paris, France, 2019
  • external PhD committee member for: Tuomas Kortelainen, On Iteration-based security flaws in modern hash functions, Oulu University, Finnland, 2014

Master thesis students :page_with_curl:

  • Anisha Dutta, A Catalogue for Provably Secure Symmetric Modes and Primitives, graduated 2021
  • Dilyana Dimitrov, Cryptanalsyis techniques, graduated 2021
  • Ferdinand Sauer, Interpolation Cryptanalysis of Unbalanced Feistel Networks, graduated 2020
  • Tom De Keyser, Implementation of a verifiable mix network, graduated 2017
  • Robin Ankele, Provable Security of Submissions to the CAESAR Cryptographic Competition, graduated 2015
  • Willem Schroe, Cryptanalysis of Submission to the CAESAR Cryptographic Competition iFeed, graduated 2015
  • Atul Luykx, The scope of indifferentiability and its application to BLAKE, graduated 2012
  • Marjan Skrobot, Provable Security Analysis of SHA-3 Candidates, graduated 2012
  • Raoul Ghosh, Overview and Security Analysis of Tree-based Domain Extenders for Hash Functions, graduated 2008